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Trainer Profile Report
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Class Drop (DNCLS), Up Class (UPCLS), Lasix (LSX), Try With Winners (TWW), Trainer Switch (TRSW), Last Race (LR),
Drop Below Claiming Price (DBCP), Last Work (LW), Just Missed Last (JML), Jockey switch (JS), Turf To Dirt (TTOD),
Turf To Synthetic (TTOS), Synthetic to Turf (STOT), Route To Sprint (RTOS), Sprint To Route (STOR), Workout (WK),
Won Last Race (WLR), Trouble In Last Race (TRBL) , Blinkers On (BLKON), Blinkers Off (BLKOFF),Bullet Work (BLT),
Last Work Was a Bullet (BLT*), Horse Shipped In (SHP), Horse Freshened (REST), Horse Was Claimed (CLAIM),
Horse Brought Back in 10 Days Or Less (BK10, BK9, BK8, etc.) , Days Since Last Workout (LWX)

Date Jockey Pay Out Class Dist. Track Profile