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TRAINERS WIN RACES. We firmly believe this. Trainers are creatures
of habit when they have success regularly with a technique or pattern.
They continue to use it until it proves no longer to be successful. They
are always seeking an edge over their competition. They will change
techniques quite readily to continue their winning ways. Some trainers
are successful and others are not. With a willingness to do the tedious
research and digging, an astute observer/handicapper can use this
information to their advantage. WE DO THIS TEDIOUS WORK FOR
We track and provide this information in a timely fashion and user
friendly format to assist you in recognizing potential winners or eliminating
potential losers.

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Data provided by Thoroughbred Trainer Profiles is manually compiled from news
print, magazine print, the Internet, and from televised media and is generally
accurate and current but occasionally errors and omissions occur as a result of
incorrect data compiled, mistakes in processing or other causes. Thoroughbred
Trainer Profiles disclaims responsibility for the consequences, if any, of such errors,
but would appreciate them being brought to our attention. Additionally, our service
is designed to enhance handicapping methodology and is not intended as a
handicapping service. Any betting choices made using this information is the sole
responsibility of the player.